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Caveman Snowskates


As of right now, we have a couple skates for sale. The specs are as follows:

Ski:  We call this ski "Fire" - Length is about 51" from tip to tail and the ski is a twin tip with real camber. "It Carves Like a Dream!" It comes with either blue background and pink lettering or the reversed color scheme. The actual colors may vary slightly from pictures.


Trucks: Rocker Trucks 4" Punk Rocker

Top Deck: 7-layer Maple. About 10" wide and 37-3/4" in length. The colors are able to be customized.

Foam Grip: Foam for maximum traction is available with either red background with black lettering or reversed color scheme. We may be getting different colors in stock soon, so e-mail me to find out what our current colors are.

Wax: Caveman Snowskates' Factory Wax is DFunk Speed Wax

To Talk with a live person, please contact Matt Blankinship at (425) 422-2089

Please feel free to Contact Me for more information about Caveman Snowskates and how to order yours

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