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Snow Skating

This is exactly where I will be sharing the sport of Snow Skating with my visitors.

  I have loved Snow Skating since the very first time I stepped onto one and do it as often as I can. It makes the mountains hard....again!

I have to give full credit to Steve Frink for inventing the Bi-Deck Snow Skate!

       The most common side effect of Snow Skating is seeing everyone's heads snap around and jaws drop open when they see me Skate by. I have to field a ton of questions whenever I go Skating. The most popular question is: What is that? Answer: It's a Snow Skate... now try to keep up!

This is a block where I will portray (Poorly) Snow Skating for all to see. If you have any video footage you want included into this season's video collection, please e-mail me.

Here is some Powder Snowskating footage from 17 December 2012 shot at Stevens Pass Music by Bisi & The Moonwalker

Here is some footage from 5th December, 2012 at Stevens Pass, WA. Music by Waterwings for Ophelia.

Here is A Snowboarder's First Snowskate Run. Filmed at Stevens Pass, WA. Music by Rikk Beatty Band. here are some links to Rikk Beatty Band:,,,

Here is some of the contest footage from the 2nd Annual Premier Snowskates, Windell's Camps  and Timberline Lodge  sponsored U.S. Summer Open Snowskate Championships at Mt. Hood, OR. The music is by Mr. Von of Sweatbox Entertainment and you can see more of his music at and find out more about him at

2nd Annual U.S. Open Summer (2012) - Premier SnowSkates, Windell's Camps  and Timberline Lodge  Footage. Enjoy! See you there next year. The music on this video is from Chad Kunesh. You can hear more of his music at so go check him out.

Here is a snowskate first-timer's footage from a trip to Whistler , Canada where he was introduced to the sport. The music on this video is from the band Healer 2006 (c) All Rights Reserved.

Here's a tasty little ad from   

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Here's a powderific compilation by Chiller Decks

If you have some Snow Skating Videos you want posted here... just E-mail me and I will add them.
This is where I will be placing the manufacturers links. Please E-Mail me if you know of any that I have missed. Thanks!









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